Our strengths

10 reasons why we deliver superb service

  1. Personal and humain
    As well as executing fast and professional repatriations, our team cushions the sorrow of the bereaved family. We find it crucial to remain in constant contact with the family. In doing so, our staff adopts a golden rule: every question from the relatives deserves an answer.

  2. Multilingual contacts
    Our highly motivated team handles case files in a discrete and serene manner, in seven different languages: Dutch, French, German, English, Spanish, Italian and Arabic.

  3. Custom work
    Within the confines of the statutory provisions, we gear our service entirely to the client’s wishes, always showing in the process, the greatest respect for the various nationalities and beliefs. Moreover, families may freely choose the funeral director they entrust with the funeral arrangements.

  4. Own funeral parlour
    In our funeral parlous at Brussels Airport, families can view the deceased and organize a farewell ceremony, according to their beliefs and wishes. Additionally, we possess a special care area in which the deceased can be treated, embalmed or ritually washed.

  5. 24/7 Customer Support
    DELA Repatriations can be reached 24/7. Our local contacts too, are continually on standby.

  6. The world, our village
    As we collaborate with a host of airlines, we are able to propose the best possible flight plan at all times. There is no destination out of reach for us. We are pioneers in searching for effective transport solutions, allowing us to provide assistance anywhere in the world.

  7. National network
    Our extensive network of funeral directors in Belgium enables us to offer each family a solution in their own surroundings, for proximity is a key in such sorrowful situations.

  8. Global network
    We are equipped with a database of over five thousand funeral directors across the globe. This full-scale partnership allows us to have the right contacts anywhere. Based on our collaboration and instructions, our partners make every effort to ensure the safe homecoming of the deceased.

  9. Fast interventions
    On average, and depending of the place in which the death occurred, a repatriation takes about two to six days. However, some factors like legislation, local culture and the organization of a farewell ceremony, can delay the repatriation process.

  10. Solid infrastructure
    Being a strong group, we can bear the financial burden of the operations and advance the required sums abroad. We have a fleet of over one hundred vehicles, and staff on permanent standby. We deploy all of our resources with a single objective: to repatriate the deceased as quickly as possible to their final resting place.