Repatriation to Belgium

As soon as we are notified of a death, we swing into action. All we need is the name of the deceased, place of death and the phone number of a relative. If the next of kin are unknown or are unaware of the death, we use official channels to locate and notify them. 

During the first contact with the family, we inform them very clearly about the entire repatriation process. Asking the right questions at the right time is of the utmost essence.

Our worldwide network and close collaboration with local authorities, ministries and consulates enable us to organise each repatriation fast, efficiently and with a minimum of hassle for the next of kin.

If foreign authorities require certain official documents to complete specific formalities, we will request those records from the proper institutions and submit them to the authorities.

We organise, if necessary, the transfer of the deceased to a cold store, complete the necessary formalities, arrange for the body to be treated and for the coffin to be hermetically sealed, and organise a ceremony, if any, as well as the actual transport. We inform the next of kin about each step in the procedure. If desired, we will also arrange for the deceased’s personal effects to be transferred.

The deceased are transferred by a specially equipped car or airplane.

Upon return from abroad by airplane, we complete all airport formalities. We have a great deal of experience in handling those formalities at most European airports. Subsequently, we deliver the coffin by car to the family’s home or to the funeral parlour of their choice. If need be, at the request of the client and/or the next of kin, we can keep the deceased in our cold store for a few days before taking the body to its final destination,…