Worldwide repatriation

The centre for repatriation in Zaventem disposes of a worldwide network of correspondents. This enables our employees to organise repatriations worldwide from one cosmopolitan city to the other, for instance from Rome to Beijing or from Zurich to Peru. We are able to call on an international network of airline companies. Add to that the great linguistic accomplishments of our employees and you know that every single worldwide repatriation is in good hands.

Repatriations do not only take place by plane. If so desired, Mortuary Brussels Airport can also organise repatriations by car, for example from Poland to Belarus. We follow up on these international files from beginning to end and keep next of kin informed about the various steps of the repatriation process.

A discreet, honest and efficient service, that’s what we are all about.

Repatriations Zaventem